The Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) is an office space like no other in the Kingdom. The graceful sail-shaped towers with their interconnecting wind turbines are instantly recognisable, rising up out of the heart of the financial and business hub as they dominate the city skyline.



With its award-winning state-of-the-art design, and its status as Bahrain’s first ‘intelligent building’, the BWTC is leading the way for sustainable architecture. It is also the world’s first skyscraper to incorporate wind turbines into its design, helping to reduce the overall power consumption of the towers.



The BWTC is a world-class business address, home to some of the most exclusive organisations across the region and the world, attracted by its prime location and high-tech infrastructure. The adjoining luxury MODA Mall and five-star Sheraton Bahrain Hotel ensures a perfect blend of lifestyle and business in one convenient location.

The perfect space from which to establish, grow or expand into the GCC and beyond

An iconic landmark

The strikingly beautiful building has become synonymous with Bahrain. Its cool colours and sleek aesthetics create an ultra modern backdrop, against which global corporations, luxury brands and five-star hospitality meet architectural ingenuity and flair.

Designed by Shaun Killa of Atkins, the BWTC has won multiple awards, not only for its ground-breaking architecture but also for its innovative design that integrates renewable energy solutions into a comfortable yet sophisticated office space.

Although it was traditional Arabian wind towers that inspired the concept of the building, the interior and exterior features are fresh, contemporary and stylish, reflecting the high-tech 21st century spirit of the entire development.

Businesses at BWTC

Attracting leading regional and international organisations, the BWTC is arguably Bahrain’s number one business address. It offers the perfect office space from which to establish, grow or expand your organisation in the GCC region and beyond.

Bahrain’s first ‘intelligent building’, its SMART design offers unparalleled security, a host of competitive advantages and efficiency in office management.

Join an exclusive business community housed within a world-class address, where quality is key.


Green buildings can no longer be considered a superfluous extra; it is an essential component of all future design. The BWTC has set a technological precedent that will create new standards in sustainable architecture.

With sustainability being incorporated from its conception, the BWTC is the first commercial building to fully integrate large-scale wind turbines into its design. Taking advantage of its location that harnesses the sea breeze, the power generated provides up to 15% of the office towers’ electricity needs.

Furthermore, other energy reducing measures include innovative usage of shading to minimise solar gains, deep gravel roofs that provide kinetic insulation, and energy efficient lighting – all of which demonstrate global leadership in the commitment to reduce demand of fossil fuel energy reserves.

We enable businesses to concentrate on what matters most – doing business.

World Trade Centers Association

The Bahrain World Trade Center is proud to be one the newest additions to the World Trade Centers Association.

With 300 World Trade Centers across the globe, and with links to over 750,000 member organisations worldwide, tenants of the BWTC will have the opportunity to leverage an established business network from an internationally recognised location, able to stimulate commercial growth on a local, regional, and international scale.


The Bahrain World Trade Center is located in the business heart of Manama. It is within close proximity of major ministries, and with excellent connectivity to the GCC by air, sea and the King Fahad Causeway, which links Bahrain to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Location drive time:

  • Bahrain International Airport – 15 min
  • King Fahad Causeway – 20 min
  • Al Khobar – 1 hour
  • Riyadh – 4 hours