Bahrain World Trade Center shows support to World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) ‘Earth Hour’

Manama, Bahrain – 28 March 2021: Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), the Kingdom’s iconic landmark remains a testament to sustainable architectural design and continues to show support to global environmental initiatives joining the global campaign to mark the ‘Earth Hour’ in partnership with World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF).

This year looks different with the circumstances of COVID-19, Earth Hour is still going live but from the comfort of everyone’s home, in the first ever Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight. No matter where you are in the world, you can speak up for nature and bring global attention to the issues facing our planet!

On Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 8:30 pm to 9:30pm (local time) the BWTC along with millions of people across the world will be switching off their lights to raise awareness.

“But Earth Hour is more than just an Hour for the planet – it’s a movement for our future.”

Earth Hour aligns to BWTC objectives to promote environmental sustainability within Bahrain. As the world’s first development to incorporate wind turbines, the use of which eliminates around 55,000 cubic kgC of carbon emissions from the development every year. BWTC hopes to be part of the greater discussion and a catalyst for change, together we can achieve success!