BWTC Participates in Gulf Property Show 2017

Manama, Bahrain (April 2017): Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), the Kingdom’s iconic landmark building and a business address of choice for leading global and regional firms, will be participating in Gulf Property Show 2017 from April 25th – 27th 2017. The 44-storey twin-tower skyscraper with electricity-generating wind turbines, the first building in the world with this extraordinary feature, will be highlighting its property portfolio, world-class business amenities and attractive leasing terms for prospective tenants. This will be BWTC’s first participation in Gulf Property Show 2017 having previously showcased its property portfolio in several industry events including Cityscape Dubai and BIPEX.

Bahrain enjoys an exceptionally favourable economic climate, an attitude that welcomes foreign investment and excellent economic development opportunities. As one of the most diversified economies in the GCC with a well-established business infrastructure, Bahrain relies heavily on the non-oil sector which now accounts for 80% the country’s GDP. The real estate sector with an annual growth of 5.5%, has been witnessing noticeable improvements in leasing fundamentals driven by companies looking to launch or enhance their business operations in the Kingdom, thus creating a demand for high-quality spaces.

Capitalising on this growing business need, BWTC has constantly evolved its leasing strategy as per the commercial needs of foreign businesses and as a result, has achieved stable business growth and high-yield returns of the landmark property. Over the years, the total occupancy of BWTC’s east and west tower has increased to 84.18% and 82.38% respectively, with seven new leasing agreements for 5,077 sq. meters in addition to seven lease renewals for 1,547 sq. meters recently concluded. BWTC’s tenant portfolio now boasts of a dynamic mix of international and local businesses which include Kanoo Motors, Investrade, Ernst & Young, Regus Business Center, Charles Russell LLP, JP Morgan and Al Salam Bank Bahrain, to name a few.

Designed by international architectural experts ATKINS, BWTC offers an elegant atmosphere, award-winning architecture, breath-taking views, high-speed panoramic elevators and cool marble interiors.