Iconic BWTC Photography Competition

Bahrain World Trade Center, is one of the most Iconic buildings in the World. In recognition of this, we launched the BWTC Photography Competition at a time when we need to remember what standing tall in the face of adversity and doubt means. With these unprecedented times, we are proud of Bahrain and all that it has achieved and stand together as we look towards the future.

“Bahrain World Trade Centers Greatest Legacy will be Symbolic”

– National Geographic


What makes this building unique, is not just its height and beauty but its’ green technology, as one of the world’s first buildings powered by 3 massive wind turbines and being able to produce its’ own energy.

This unique building was designed by the famous architectural firm; Atkins Middle East and designed by architect Shaun Killa.

“The most important message that the building has is that it is looking
at sustainability in a very conscious way but in a very visual way”

– Shaun Killa

We wish everyone luck and thank you for your participation.