MODA Mall Prioritises Health and Safety of its Staff During COVID-19

In an effort to safeguard the health and well-being of its employees and minimise their exposure to the virus, MODA Mall, Bahrain’s high-end shopping destination, has extended its support to all members of its service staff by relocating them to safer living conditions during these challenging times.

Almost 40 members of MODA Mall’s service staff have been temporarily moved to alternate accommodations within safe, fully furnished premises, as well as provided with essential food and sustenance supplies to facilitate their move and make their stay more comfortable.

Commenting on this initiative, Donald M. Bradley, General Manager for BWTC and MODA Mall stated: “Our decision to move our core staff to safer housing comes as part of our commitment to support our employees at all times, but especially during times of hardship. Our service team is an essential component of our operations mix, and key to ensuring smooth business continuity; as such, their physical and mental well-being is of utmost priority to us and we vow to stand by their side and protect their health during these trying times.”

This initiative comes in line with MODA Mall’s continuous efforts to sustain a safe environment for its employees and tenants by complying with the directives of the national health authorities and implementing strict daily and weekly sterilisation procedures across the Mall premises and Bahrain World Trade Center office towers. In addition, the Mall has ensured that all service providers perform a daily screening routine of their staff and that their employees follow the strictest hygiene and precautionary protocols, as instructed by the authorities. The same precautionary measures are also being implemented with MODA Mall’s own service staff.

MODA Mall has also made pre-emptive arrangements to ensure minimal disruption to business, with an emergency backup team fully mobilised on the property site in the event that an unforeseen situation arises.